If you're after one of those odd, third-person About Me pages, sorry, you won't find it here. Instead, I’ll simply start by saying that I live and breathe photography. Few moments pass me by where it’s not on my brain. As a magazine editor for the last 10 years, I sort of fell into photography organically. If I could surgically attach my camera to my hand, I’d probably do it. For the last decade it has been an all-consuming passion.

Now I humbly offer you my services, no matter what kind of photography you’re after but always doing my best to keep it fresh, natural and, most importantly of all, fun. I want to create memories that last a lifetime, photos that engage and the viewer and make people go ‘wow’. That’s my goal.

I love meeting couples and working together with them towards their wedding day and feel especially privileged and honoured to be capturing their special moments – tears and all. I understand just how much pressure is on the bride and groom, so I always endeavour to make the experience as enjoyable and fun as possible. I like to keep in touch with the bride and groom, often being invited back to families to capture those new milestones in their lives.

Whether you’re after wedding photography or simply candid photography of the kids that’s a step up from what Uncle Bob with his new camera can offer, I’m here to help, even if it’s just guidance. 


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Jason Round


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I have a beautiful wife (Nicole), son (Lincoln) and daughter (Emilie) who are the true loves of my life. They are my perpetual models/assistants/supporters and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. They’ve been there through countless early-morning rises and frequent experimental phases to push my technique and craft. Love you, guys.


Fine Art Landscape Photography

Apart from being there to capture you, I’m also a passionate landscape photographer, now offering exclusive, luxury prints via www.roundeyegallery.com. I bring many of the advanced capture and post-processing techniques and tricks I use in my landscape photography into my wedding and portrait work to really set it apart. Take a second to stop by and perhaps imagine yourself set against this great country we call home.


My family, my world.

My family, my world.