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Using premium-grade archival inks, our prints are made on premium grade paper designed to last over 100 years with correct mounting. Regular finish and metallic finishes are available, the latter perfect for high-impact photos full of colour, making the image ‘pop’ and appear metallic.

On request, we also offer prints on FujiFlex, the world’s finest print paper, offering a super-glossy, archival appearance that’s unrivalled in quality, colour and detail.


Acrylic Face Mount

A modern and contemporary way to mount photos that really makes them pop is acrylic mounting. This involves mounting the image side of the photo to the back of optical-grade acrylic using a special film. Mounted, photos look multi-dimensional and full of depth, as if floating below glass.



Light, thin and frameless, mounting your photo onto a solid aluminium panel is a great way to provide a fresh look for your home. A thin satin laminate is applied over the top to protect it from dust, debris and UV. It also cuts down reflections, making this an ideal choice if your image will likely be facing windows. As per the acrylics above, the aluminium itself seems to ‘float’ on the wall.



A unique product, we now offer photos mounted onto 2cm-thick bamboo panel, an eco-friendly alternative that provides a natural look. A satin or gloss laminate protects against dust, grime and UV. The panel’s edge is hand-sanded, with the edge and back sealed to protect the bamboo from moisture. When mounted, it appears to float off the wall.



Canvas mounting is one of our most popular products, bringing a touch of gallery class into your home. Unlike some, our canvases are high quality and then further laminated with a unique heat seal, preventing damage. Thick, strong Australian timber is used and, as per all our products, pricing includes all hanging hardware.


Albums and Photobooks

Available on request to suit all budgets and styles.